These Things – to write without reservation liberates the songwriter.

“The idea becomes a machine that makes the art”

Sol LeWitt “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art”, Artforum, June 1967.


These Things (Official Lyric Video) by Extraneous Solutions


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            On September 29th , 2015, I sat down at the piano and began playing the opening riff to this month’s single “These Things”. When I stopped on the Bb chord, I sang “Use to have some guinea pigs but now they’re all gone”. In that moment the entire song’s concept was born. Before I sang those words, it could have been about anything as it was pure music. However, as soon as those words were attached, I knew I would be telling stories about my life. As I worked through it, I knew it was not going to be a “woe is me song”. Instead, I wrote a celebration of my past with all its good and bad. I considered changing the first line but ultimately decided that the song’s light hearted tone was perfectly set with those words.

            The cover photo for the single was taken by my younger brother John (the same one who lost a toe in the lawn mower). His son had created this story with his army men and T-Rex and John snapped the picture. He knew the image would appeal to my aesthetics and shared it with me about 7 months ago. The photo so beautifully captured the essence of childhood, where entire worlds are created and stories are acted out without editing or concern for their quality.

            So many of us loose the subconscious ability to create and imagine as we age. That is why I find this process so liberating. I write my heart without reservation and release it once a month. It is as simple as that. It comes down to musical freedom and I love it! Thank You for Supporting It!!

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