I recently had my solo classical guitar album “Between Us and the Sky” reviewed on an Indie Music website called nomoredivision.comThis was the first time I have ever had my music or my recordings reviewed by a 3rd party.

I was definitely a little terrified to read it when it came out. But being reviewed is a necessary evil in the arts and can often help an artist grow through the constructive criticism and positive recognition by others.

To his credit, Ted Rogen wrote an honest and informed review. One that I respect as he noticed all the things that I was going for. Rich organic sounding guitar, seamless sounding album, and even the sound of my breathing (which I like, but he didn’t) make me feel like any negative/positive things he had to say about my music was worth listening too. All in all “Between Us and the Sky” received a very favorable review and I am grateful for the time and energy he spent listening to and writing about my music. 

If you are an indie musician, look into nomoredivision.comThey approached me about “Between Us and the Sky”, but you can submit music for their evaluation.  I did that with Extraneous Solutions “Solving For X” – that review will come out in a few weeks. All in all, I feel I was treated with respect for my art and that is rare. 

Have you every had your music reviewed? Tell me about it!